The Buffalo-Erie Marathon Association (BEMA) does NOT refund registration fees under ANY circumstances, including extreme weather conditions, race cancellation or other acts outside its control.


BEMA’s first goal and priority is runner, volunteer and spectator safety. The decision to cancel the event prior to or halt it during the event is at the discretion of race management and public safety officials.

Items taken into consideration include, but are not limited to:

  • Acts of terrorism.
  • Lightning. BEMA is in contact with the National Weather service to determine the potential for lightning on the course footprint. The presence of lightning during the event or during event preparation and setup can be considered for cancellation.
  • Extreme ice.
  • Extreme cold/heat.

BEMA uses the heat alert system set forth by the American College of Sports Medicine guidelines for wet bulb globe temperatures (WBGTs) as a guide. The WBGT is determined by measuring ambient air temp, humidity, wind and solar radiation.